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Read the Dialogue between three coworkers and Answer the Questions.

Website Development Team
Hello Team, how are you?Jess (#Design), 11:05
Fine...Luke (#Developer), 11:10
Great! in what stage is the final design process?Mick (#Marketing), 11:12
We are finishing, working on thatJess (#Design), 11:15
Perfect! I was assigned as team leader todayMick (#Marketing), 11:20
Wow! will you assign us tasks?Luke (#Developer), 11:25
Yes, @jess please finish the design, the new photos and the new site style.Mick (#Marketing), 11:30
@luke we will meet and analyze @jess design. I am also going to ask you to implement the new components on the website and upload the new texts.Mick (#Marketing), 11:33
No problem, which colours are we going to implement now?Luke (#Developer), 11:35
We are analyzing that but I think blueMick (#Marketing), 11:40
I don't like how it looksJess (#Design), 11:42
We have to make a team decision before the presentationMick (#Marketing), 11:45
How much time left?Jess (#Design), 12:00
Until Tuesday next week...Luke (#Developer), 12:05

1. Who is the Team Leader?

2. When do they have to present the project?

3. Jess has to...

4. Luke is in charge of assigning tasks.

5. What time did the conversation end?

6. What is the team developing?

7. What day do they have to present the project?

8. What colour does the Designer not like?

9. Who has to upload the new texts?

10. Luke works as a developer.

11. Who has to make a decision before the presentation?

12. Mick has to finish the new photos.

13. What are Luke's tasks?

14. Luck's first message was at ten past eleven.

15. Who has to solve the new style of the website?

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