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Read the text messages between two friends and Answer the Questions.

Bob's Phone
  • Hi Evan 10:15
  • Hey! how are you Bob?10:20
  • Fine, are you working?10:22
  • Yes, the week is ending... :)10:30
  • Great! where do we eat tonight?10:33
  • I want to know HGH's, it looks good10:35
  • I feel like eating meat10:45
  • I ate yesterday, I'm going to try a salad10:50
  • Okay, what time are we going?11:00
  • We meet at 7pm in the park11:05
  • 7:30pm is better for me, okay?11:15
  • Yes! No problem11:20
  • I'm going to wear a t-shirt11:22
  • I'll wear a black dress11:25
  • Is the outfit important?11:30
  • It's just a dinner in a restaurant11:33
  • So see you at night11:40
  • Okay, see you in a few hours, kisses11:45

1. What does Evan want to eat?

2. When are they meeting for dinner?

3. What time will Bob arrive at the park?

4. Why is Evan happy?

5. Where are they having dinner?

6. What is Evan going to wear?

7. What is the name of the place where they are going to have dinner?

8. Bob feels like eating...

9. Evan wanted to go to the park at 7pm.

10. Bob is going to wear a jacket.

11. Bob's first message was at quarter past ten.

12. Evan was running when Bob started the conversation.

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