English Advanced Test

1. The old woman lived alone, with _____ to look after _____.

2./uː / is a short vowel.

3. Why _____ sunglasses? It's cloudy today


5. Start the game without me, I _____ be late.

6.Which tone would you use to ask, Where are you?

7. I think you are _____ hero

8. /iː/

9. I _____ my car at the weekend.

10.What does "Silent E" mean?

11. Jenny had a _____ in her hair yesterday

12. What's the stressed syllable in "transportation"?

13. They _____ under the wreckage for four days.

14.Which word is represented by /kɹæʃ/?

15. Karen will stay in bed If she _____ well tomorrow.


17. Give _____ the ball

18.If you want the message to be very clear, you use...

19. You _____ me for someone else.

20. /k/